Series 1.4
DisplayPort™ Connector Cable 1.4
DisplayPort™ male > DisplayPort™ male, 8K @ 60Hz
Series 1.4
DisplayPort™ Connector Cable 1.4
DisplayPort™ male > DisplayPort™ male, 8K @ 60Hz
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Goobay provides the perfect electronic accessories to connect your consumer electronics. Our products transmit top-quality signals for a razor-sharp picture and excellent sound. The robust construction and high-quality materials of our connection cables and plugs create a perfect entertainment experience. Simply. All. You need!
  • High-resolution signal transmission with up to 8K @ 60 Hz (4320p)
  • Connection cable with max. transmission rate of up to 32.4 Gbit/s
  • 8K cable especially for gaming. Smooth images without judder thanks to high refresh rates of up to 240 Hz (depending on graphics card and monitor).
  • Gold-plated DisplayPort™ plugs and advanced technology guarantee perfect signal transmission, clear sound, razor-sharp video and picture quality.
  • The DisplayPort™ cable transmits high-resolution video signals and HD audio signals, e.g. from a computer or laptop to a screen or projector.
  • Plug lock ensures a secure hold without loose contacts and is easy to unlock via the push-button.
  • To avoid short-circuit damage, pin 20 is not connected (no power supply).
Technical specifications
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Connection, type
DisplayPort™ male
Connection 2, type
DisplayPort™ male
Connection type
DisplayPort™ connector
Kink protection
both sides
Cable length
1 m
Cable type
round cable
Inner conductor material
CU (copper)
Signal transmission
Max. resolution
8K Ultra HD 4320p (60 Hz)
Supported video standards
8K Ultra HD 4320p (60 Hz), 4K Ultra HD 2160p (120 Hz), Full HD 1080p (240 Hz)
Packaging type
Dimensions / Weight
Consumption Unit
1 pc. in polybag
£7.99 RRP
Packing units:
1 / 150
Packaging type
Cable length
Item: 64797
EAN: 4040849647970
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