Our brand highlights

Customers do not buy products. They buy brands. – Franz-Rudolf Esch

And why are they doing this? Because good and successful brands mean added value. Every time we use them, they give us that special feeling, a kind of confirmation that we have done something right.


For the daily commute to work or travel, and for those who carry their laptop and tablet with them safely, comfortably and in style, Everki offers a solution that goes well beyond the standard. Functionality, comfort, durability and design, coupled with excellent customer service and quality that we are passionate about.


Enjoy sports, films and concerts at home in the best possible quality. As a German manufacturer of high-quality home cinema and hi-fi accessories, Clicktronic was founded in 2002 with the vision to create a high-quality range of accessories that support a viewing and listening experience like in the cinema or concert hall.


The 3sixT brand stands for connectivity, protection, charging – in short: everything we need to use and enjoy the full potential of our devices while on the move. In the portfolio since 2018, Wentronic offers a well thought-out, comprehensive range of the number 1 in Australia and New Zealand in the field of smartphone accessories.


As a global partner of HP Accessories, Wentronic offers an extensive range of accessories, which always provides the right solution for every person, every organisation and every community worldwide.


For every office, for every family and for every single person: the Wentronic house brand is valued for its reliable, uncomplicated functional quality and an extremely attractive price-performance ratio. The claim: always the right accessories for every electronic need. Simple. Everything. Fits!

All brands at a glance

A large selection of other brands completes the Wentronic range. In this way we meet our claim to be the best partner in the electronic accessories industry.